• Birthday Parties

    ONE HOUR INTERACTIVE, LIVE EXOTIC ANIMAL PRESENTATION. The birthday child will wear a "Critter Ranger-in-Training" vest during the show and will be our assistant! Six (6) animals will be presented one at a time allowing the children to touch and hold various species while learning about the animals. This program is very interactive so be prepared to take some amazing photographs of your party guests with frogs on their heads, lizards on their shoulders and snake hugs! The birthday child receives a birthday present from the animals at the end of the show.

    $175.00 (Includes Limited Mileage) (Up to 20 Kids)

    Additional $5.00 per child if over 20 kids.
  • Schools, Daycares, Scouts, & Church Events

    INCLUDES 50-60 MINUTE INTERACTIVE, LIVE EXOTIC ANIMAL PRESENTATION. This is a great in-school field. The Critter Crew visits your classroom and we will design an animal program to fit any curriculum/animal science unit that is required. A wide variety of species will be presented. Your students will have the opportunity to interact with exotic animals while learning all about them. Whether your students are learning about camouflage, adaptations, habitats, geography, life cycles, arachnids or insects, our Critter Crew will make learning fun!

    $185.00 (Includes Limited Mileage)

    Additional programs scheduled on same day at same location receive $50.00 pricing discount. First program is regular price ($185.00) and each classroom presentation thereafter is discounted ($135.00 each). To ensure that students get the most out of our presentations, we ask that attendance be limited to 20-25 students (Pre-K & Kindergarten) and no more than 35-40 students (1st grade & up). Ideally, each classroom (1st grade & up) would include 20-30 students which allows ample time for each individual to touch and hold the animals.
  • Special Events and Festivals

    Interactive, live exotic animal display. This presentation is designed for large groups. It allows many visitors to come and go as they please at any time during your event. Animals are displayed in terrariums in a "booth-type" format. A wide variety of species will be on display (which could include: snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, scorpions, insects, turtles, tortoises, etc.). An experienced animal educator will be available to give your group the opportunity to touch and hold various animals in the display. Visitors will be able to take photographs with the animals while having the opportunity to learn about various species from our Critter Crew.

    $450.00 for 2 Hours (Includes Limited Mileage)

    2-Hour Minimum = $450.00 (each additional hour over minimum = $150.00 per hour) 3-Hour = $600.00 4-Hour = $750.00 5-Hour = $900.00 6-8 Hours = $1,000.00

Invoicing available upon request.
$50.00 non-refundable deposit is due two weeks prior to your event date.